Cryptocurrencies: what do the latest trends mean for the accounting profession?

Cryptocurrency has been the subject of both hype and scepticism throughout its existence. Its enthusiasts see it as not only […]

VAT regulations Bahamas 2023

Updates to The Bahamas VAT regulations could increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

If the Department of Inland Revenue increased the taxable turnover limits for cash basis reporting via VAT regulations, the change […]


Cryptocurrencies: a digital ‘asset’ for The Bahamas?

Kreston Bahamas examine the rise, risks and potential of cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Mid-Year Budget Statenebt 2021/2022

Kreston news: Mid-Year Budget Statement 2021/2022

Mid-Year Budget Statement and report on fiscal performance, the first such report under the Hon. Philip Edward Davis, Q.C. Government’s administration.

News 3

Kreston news: January 2022

The latest Kreston business update for our international clients.

November business news

Kreston news: November 2021

The latest Kreston business update for our international clients.

Bahamas country flag

Kreston Global welcomes The Bahamas

Kreston Global ends 2021 in a strong position with the announcement of two new firms in strategic locations.